Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meta Tag Creator

Meta Tags are HTML header part tags, which describe about the website . These meta tags provide information to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, AOL Search, AltaVista ,HotBot, Lycos, Excite and other search engines .

It is very important to the search engine point of view meta tags must be well formed and meaningful . HTML Meta tags help to increase your website rank. The common questions arise for meta tags are as follows?

What Are META Tags?
META Tags are HTML header part tags of HTML Document that provide internal & external information about the content of a web page or website while you are browsing that page you are not able to see that Meta tags on your browser output.

How META Tags Work for Search Engine?
Meta tag tell to search about the page such as keywords, Description, Content Language etc, which parameter you put in contents attribute of the meta tags that's is read by search engine to index your page with accuracy, which is totally depend to your passed paramenter in contents attributes.

Why Should I Use META Tags?
Meta Tags useful to control you website or webpage position or rank in search result such as Google, Yahoo, MSN search engine result etc. To your keywords & description basises search engine help to increase traffic on your website or web page. But it's very important to you put appropriate keywords and description according to you website or webpage contents.